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Neighbors call us „the Indians“…

... during the spring and summer months, when our tepees show from far off and drums and singing sound through the valley. We run monthly sweats open to the public; there are educational workshops on Indian culture, which go over one year, and special events such as vision quests and sun dance fasting groups. Canadian and North American natives visit us regularly and teach those interested in tradition, culture, healing and personal development.

For families with children we offer a special type of vacation: children ages 8 – 13 can take part in an „Indian Time“ educational program especially designed to entertain and teach children in the traditional north American Indian culture. This weekly program of 20 hours is available during certain weeks in the year, when school is out and parents like to see their children well taken care of while enjoying taking some time out for themselves.

The workshops of the „Circle Series“ (Kreis Seminare) are weekend seminars which go over one year or half a year offering education and personal development and coaching. These workshops are recognized as educational workshops by the state.

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