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... Seminar house / part 2

The 2 seminar rooms

If you plan to organize a seminar first you have to choose between our two rooms depending on the number of participants and different activities you have in mind: the big seminar room of 100m² downstairs in the main building or the smaller seminar room of 50m² on the first floor of the swimming pool building.

We ask for a minimum booking of persons per room:
Big seminar room: 12 persons
Small seminar room: 6 persons
This means, even if you come with smaller numbers we will charge the amount for this set number.


Weekend stays are from Friday afternoon (app. 17 o’clock) until Sunday early afternoon (app. 14 o’clock). If you plan on different arrival or departure times we need to know in advance and see if we can make it possible.

Accommodation consists of up to 9 double rooms with shower baths. Upon request we can offer 2 single rooms without baths. Guests can share a bath across the hallway. This also applies for 2 further double rooms without baths if need be. All in all you can book up to 24 beds for seminar purposes. You pay the same price for each bed per person.

In case you need more accommodation for a higher number of participants we can provide more room for you by opening up our apartments. In that case we charge the same price per person for seminar accommodation, regardless of the price of the apartment.

Pool and sauna for seminar guests

Pool hours are from 8 o’clock in the morning until 22 o’clock at night, and that is for all house guests, the private guests and families as well.
If you plan on using the sauna, please bear in mind that others guests could be there, too (see times of pool and sauna).

Food and mealtimes

You can choose to cook for yourselves as a group and use the kitchen and dining room for this purpose. Or you can order a freelance cook to come and cater for you. We gladly help to establish contact with various cooks of different styles and prices. You pay the cook directly and make arrangements fort he mealtimes and special foods and diets.

Rental agreements

  • You book the seminar room for a minimum of 12 persons or the small seminar room for 6 persons. We will charge you for this number of persons even if you come with fewer participants.
  • Upon signature of contract, a deposit of € 100,00 is due payable to our account. Up to six weeks before the scheduled date of your seminar, you can cancel the rental agreement without extra costs and the deposit will be returned to you.
  • After this date cancellation will lead to a fee of 75% of the accommodation costs for 12 persons resp. 6 persons of your duration of stay.
  • We only accept written cancellation.
  • One week before the scheduled begin of your seminar, the final number of participants is called in/written in. This number of participants will be invoiced, even if a smaller number actually is present. This is also the case for participants who are not able to make it due to illness or other private matters, or choose to arrive later or leave earlier because of private business.
  • Final payment is due at the end of the seminar stay. Guests can pay in cash or with EC-card. Invoice and a later money transfer has to be talked about and agreed upon by us before you come.
  • The participants of your seminar can have receipts of payment issued to them upon request.

Last but not least about the duration of stay:

Sometimes we have a close turn over. For example, the weekday seminar ends on Friday noontime and in the afternoon the new group arrives. The same goes for Sunday afternoons: one seminar ends at 2 o’clock and the next one begins at 5 o’clock

We ask for your cooperation in these cases, i.e. that participants have moved out of the rooms by 10 o’clock in the morning, while the group activities continue in the seminar rooms. In this way we only have to get the seminar rooms ready after everybody is gone and before the new guests arrive

We like to talk over the structure of your planned seminar with you and make sure we have considered everything. Contact

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