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Joachim and Kirsten Irmer

Joachim and Kirsten Irmer

1997 we moved to Duebbekold to fulfill a dream we have had for a long time: to live and work from a beautiful home, out in nature, and within easy reach of the city of Hamburg. We dreamed of a place for our sweatlodge for the Indian ceremonies and enough space for our workshops and seminars. That it came along with an indoor pool was just a divine extra.

Duebbekold has grown and changed with us many a time, it has been rebuilt and remodelled and personally restructured. Today we, the Irmers, as a couple, own and manage the company and see to the guests and take care of the office work, and with the wonderful help of our 5 employees the whole business is running smoothly and growing steadily.

Our guests come from all areas and ages. Some came here for a workshop and returned as house guests, for others it was the other way around. They came for a family vacation and saw and heard all about the interesting activities here and came back for more knowledge on the Indian way of life or other educational groups which are being offered here.

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