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Joachim Irmer

Joachim Irmer
Joachim Irmer

Born in 1954, a trained blacksmith and welder and craftsman, I have been working freelance for more than 35 years; first as a shop owner and then as a craftsman helping to construct houses, and then as a teacher running seminars and organizing workshops for others.

In my time as a shop owner of a health food store I came into contact with nature and the preservation of the environment. After having met Native Indian medicine men I deepened my connection and vowed to spend my life serving „Mother Nature“.

Since 1990 I have been organizing workshops for American and Canadian Native Indians, who come here to teach and run sweatlodges. In the summer, we travel to the reservation and visit with them and learn from them and support with sharing the work load. The annual sun dance, in which I take part, is very important among the Native Indian ceremonies. The European sun dancers and supporters prepare themselves for this dance with their annual fall and spring fast here in Duebbekold.

I run monthly sweats which are open to the public and offer vision quests for people who – after proper preparation – retreat from the outside world to mother nature to fast and find answers and healing for personal purposes.

The educational program Der Kreis (The Circle Seminars) was once developed upon requests by participants of sweatlodges and Indian workshops, who wished to deepen their knowledge of working in the nature and leading people in groups professionally. Some of these courses I run myself (Circle I and Circle II), in others my wife, Kirsten Irmer, joins me.

„Indian Time“is a new program for children of ages 8-13 years, designed to entertain and teach them while on holiday with their parents. They learn many interesting subjects and also partake in a sweatlodge ceremony.

Joachim Irmer, 29473 Goehrde, Duebbekold 2, Germany
phone: +49 - 5855 - 97 99 97, telefax +49 - 5855 - 97 99 98


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